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HOBA Flevolaan 29
1382 JX  Weesp



Fully automatic packaging line for closing of the bag with a Twist-Tyre closing system. Easy packaging of many types of sliced and unsliced bread, rolls, buns and other products. This closing machine is manufactured for an company assured approach in the bakery.

The continuous working closing line can be used as a semi-automatic machine by packing with a Bagblower type HBB for easy opening of the bag or in a full-automatic line combined with a Bagloader type HBS machine. This system is completely constructed to the customer requirements from a basic design and many variations can therefore be delivered such as a special modular belt to combine with a integrated metal detector in the line.



  • Bagtensioner type HBT before closing.
  • Mechanical and electrical synchronisation to a packing machine.
  • Extra 500 mm conveyor for the installation of a labelling machine.
  • Stainless steel covers and frame.
  • Printer for printing data, lot no. or other information on the bag.


HTA-Twist-Tyre: up to 3.600 loaves per hour
The performance statistics of the machine depends on the specifications of the different type of products and the operator.