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HOBA offers a wide range of machines for the industrial bakeries. Hoba develops and produces high quality bread slicers, packaging and closing machines, coding systems and customized solutions for buns and rolls.

"We are constantly improving our machines to create the best working solutions
for the (semi-) industrial bread processing."

In our catalog you will find our range of standard machines. However every bakery is different and every customer has their own requirements. Therefore we customize a lot of our standard machines but also produce a lot of special projects from stand-alone machines till complete fully-automated projects for Turn-Key solutions.

Get to know HOBA, with our flexible approach we can tackle your problems!

There are 2 types of Bread Slicers known with endless blades and slicers with a reciprocating frame with knives. There are several types of Bun Slicers with a disc to slice partially from the side or the top and with a endless blade to slice the product totally through. 

For packing of your products must be known first type of package and how to pack, full-automatic with for example a bagloader or manual with a bagblower. There are packing machines to pack in a premade plastic bag or in a bag made from plastic foil.

Every market has their own desire for a type of closure. Therefore there are standard conveyors which can be combined with different types of closing systems known as Clipband, Tab-Lok, Tape or Twist Tyre.

Every customers request is different and not always there is a standard solution. Together with the customer HOBA try to find the best possible solution with in-house engineering and an own workshop.

There are several small machines we deliver to combine with our lines or can be used on other existing lines.