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Every requirement is different and not always there is a standard solution. But also the end customers in the market expect more. New types of products and different ways to pack the product and present it to the market. That is the reason we are here for the customer to discuss the requirements and try to find a possible solution.

"Because of our own engineering and manufacturing we can act quick and flexible to the customer requests"

HOBA has their own workshop with multi-skilled technicians. Together with our engineering this gives the possibility to be flexible and provide a good solution.

For example we have built complete transport systems, special breakfast cake handling and cooling conveyors and pizza cutters.

December 2013

Special splitting and turning unit for sliced bread

HOBA developed a special split and turning unit for our Asian customer to slice toast bread and pack it in small packages of 6 slices per bag.

The toast bread comes from a cooling spiral random feed to the slicer. An operator place the bread in the correct position and feed it to the Band blade slicer HSA-5. The bread is sliced and the end heels are removed. After the slicer there is an synchronization unit with a splitter. The splitter make equal packages of 6 slices and the synchronization unit push it to the position where it will be turned.

The turning unit place the bread on the side and the pusher bring all 3 packages at the same time on the infeed of the bagloader. The bread is feed to the plastic premade bags and after packaging pushed onto an outfeed conveyor.

The outfeed conveyor Holly Packaging line HTA-15S with continuous clipping machine brings the packages one by one with a pusher to a bagtensioner to place the top of the bag in correct position. After this the bag is

presented to a clipband closing machine to close the bag with a clipband.

This line is working on a speed of 60 packages per minute. Touch screen panel programmed specially in customers language.


See this line also on youtube:


January 2009

Line for "dutch" breakfast cake

For a Dutch bakery HOBA developed a line after the baking process. In this line the cake is cooled down for several hours. With the individual programming the cooling time can be arranged per layer of the cooling tower. The different products can have their own cooling period before going to the slicer.

The slicer will make the correct size of cake for the consumer market. After slicing the cake is transported with several conveyor to the packing room. There it can be packed in a bagloader system and closed with a Lok-closure or the cake can be sliced again and then packed in a flowpacker per piece.


November 2004

Turn-Key project of the slice- and packing room

Together with the customer HOBA developed a lay-out for the slice- and packing room for buns. These buns are baked together but also baked loose. Therefore there are 2 routings in this bakery depending on the type of product what is produced.

The product is removed from the baking tray to a conveyor. The conveyor will lead the product into the cooling room. After the cooling room the product is visual checked by the operator and feed automatically by the conveyors to one of the two lines.

The first line is for the buns which are baked together. This line split the buns which are baked together with 20 pcs. on a tray into portions of 10 pcs. These buns can be sliced totally through with a Bun Slicer HSC-BL (or even double – sliced like the McDonald bun) or unsliced and then are packed in a Pillow Pack machine.

The second line is for individual baked buns. The buns are split into 6 rows and transported on a conveyor to a slicer HSC. This slicer create a hinge slicing with a disc. After the slicing the products are collected in portions of 8 and transported to a Pillow Pack machine for packing into a plastic film.

See this line also on youtube: 

Bun Slicer HSC-BL, Pillow Pack Sealer, Slice and Packaging Line for buns