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HOBA Flevolaan 29
1382 JX  Weesp



Fully automatic packing machine for loading sliced or unsliced bread and buns automatically into pre made wicket bags. The machine has been developed to high quality engineering standards using our knowledge of the national and international bakery markets.

The principle for the machine is standard, but the version can be adapted with the optional features. Any slicer is simple to connect to the bagger by using our synchronization system with flights which brings the product one by one to the packaging machine. The bagloader has an integrated clipband closing system, which makes the line small and compact to place in the bakery.

Generously proportioned doors and covers gives both good access for cleaning and maintenance. The machine can be constructed for either left- or right-handed operation.



  • "Automatic" bag changing system for non stop production.
  • Infeed system for sliced bread.
  • Special customised infeed system for buns / rolls.
  • Infeed conveyor for manual loading of unsliced products.
  • Splitting and turning system for half loaves.
  • Holly Date Coder for printing on the closure.


HBS: up to 2.100 loaves per hour
The packing speed can be continuously adjusted. The performance statistics of the packaging machine depends on the specifications of the different type of products.


Bagloader HBS-CL for buns with Stackler - Full Automatic